Hitler’s Fighter Plane And Remains Of WW II Pilot Discovered By 14-Year-Old Boy In Denmark

– A 14-year-old boy in Denmark has made a sensational discovery. The teenager has found one of Hitler’s fighter planes, remains of the pilot and ammunition.

The extraordinary discovery has created intense activity around the area and the police and the Danish defense have now sealed off the property where the WW II wreckage rests and secured the potentially dangerous ammunition.

Despite all media attention, Daniel Kristiansen, the 14-year-old remains calm and says it was much thanks to his grandfather he was able to find the fighter jet from the Second World War.

Daniel was writing a school essay about the Danish resistance movement during WW II when he remembered his grandfather had once told him he had heard the sound of a what seemed like an aircraft that crashed nearby. Daniel, his father and grandfather decided to find out if they could locate the crash site.

With help of metal detectors, they searched in some places and to their big discovery the equipment suddenly indicated something was hidden on their own farm in Birkelse, Jutland. Something was hidden in a bog.

They had to dig for several hours before they, with help of a tractor, finally located the wreckage of a WW II fighter plane buried some meters below the ground.

According to reports from Denmark, the aircraft is a fighter of the type ME 109 Messerschmidt. The aircraft was a standard Luftwaffe fighter plane during World War II.

Next to the wreckage was the corpse of the pilot and ammunition.

There are no suspicions the fighter had been shot down. Everything indicates the aircraft crashed due to a severe storm.

During World War II, the German Air Force used the Alborg airport as a training base for young pilots. It’s very likely the fighter jet had a young pilot and they all crashed during a routine training mission.

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