On Board the ship of the reptilians, a woman with a snake’s tail

Jim Sparks' encounter with reptiliansI went on a hike to the gorge of the Kok-asanas and decided to spend the night on the tour the Parking lot. I lay down in the sleeping bag and spent admiring the stars, until one of them grew to enormous size. In the sky above me hanging flying saucer. It started to pull me inside. I was inside a UFO. There was a strange creature. One of them says, “Wanna fly?”, I “Yes, I want”…

The flying saucer was dimly lit and filled some mucus. But even more surprising were the creatures who have met me. They had the image of a human figure, but below the waist they had a snake tail is pretty long, somewhere 2.5 meters , even they had three breasts. Main female snake telepathically appealed to me. She suggested a long-term relationship in order to study human… But I refused, and I was back…”Encounters with reptilian aliens


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