Terrorism Of Today Predicted In Times Past? Mother Shipton, Nostradamus And Other Heralds

As terrorist attacks in Europe become increasingly prevalent in the headlines, warnings from the past may come to mind.

What can we learn from those who have seen visions of our times? Can these prophecies be taken seriously? If all is set in stone, what is the reason for prophecy? Why give warnings if the events cannot be altered?

Mother Shipton (also called Ursula Southiel) lived in Tudor England at the time of Henry VIII and at the same time as the more well-known prophet Nostradamus. Like Nostradamus, Mother Shipton is said to have accurately predicted many events of her time. The works of both are disguised as poetry to avoid persecution by the Church for heresy and witchcraft.

Because she was a woman and of the common class, Mother Shipton did not have the luxury of a formal education as Nostradamus did. It seems that these verses were written down by others. Some doubt not only her prophetic visions, but even her very existence. In fact, some of the most famous lines concerning our time are now known to have been written in the 1800s by a bookseller named Charles Hindley.

The name Ursula Southiel is possibly even an invention, according to the historian Dr. Arnold Kellett, who spent ten years in a thorough and unbiased study of Mother Shipton. He did conclude that there was reason to believe there was such a person, however, and that a few of the prophecies could be considered valid.

The first publication of Mother Shipton’s prophecies in 1641 was about 80 years after her death, and some argue that even that was a hoax because everything predicted in that had already happened before it was published. However, there is also a mention of her in the diary of Samuel Pepys. While in the company of the Royal Family who were taking stock of the damage caused to London by the Great Fire in 1666, he overheard them saying something about Mother Shipton having predicted the fire. This shows that there were at least some known prophecies by Mother Shipton that hadn’t happened yet at the time of the first publication.

Since that first publication in 1641, more than 50 editions of her life and prophecies have been printed. Some lost prophecies attributed to her were published in the 1990s, said to have been found 30 years before, hidden from the public in the Mitchell Library of Sydney, Australia.

This is the first mention of the lines about a “fiery dragon” which some say show agreement between Mother Shipton and Nostradamus that there will be a comet or comets that herald another major world war and the end of civilization as we know it.

There are also these interesting lines: “A war will follow with the work; Where dwells the Pagan and the Turk”, as well as, “And nations sigh, yet nothing do; And yellow men great power gain; From mighty bear with whom they’ve lain.” These things seem to point to some of the disturbing events happening today.

However, we cannot be sure any of the end time prophecies attributed to Mother Shipton are not modern inventions. Therefore, let’s take a quick look at what some other soothsayers have said.

There are more than 100 prophecies in Nostradamus concerning the subject of a Muslim invasion of Europe. There are lines which also seem to say that the Russian (the “bear” above) and the Chinese (“yellow man” above) will aggravate the situation, as in the verses attributed to Mother Shipton. He also indicated that the invaders would be “already among us” when the major hostilities start occurring. This points to the wave of immigrants now causing difficulties for many European countries.

Baba Vanga, a blind prophetess from Bulgaria who died in 1996, also predicted a “great Muslim war”, with Rome becoming the center of operations for a new Muslim caliphate by 2043. There are various other prophets who have talked about similar events, with the Pope having to flee Rome being mentioned in a few of them.

The disturbing thing about these predictions is that Mohammed and other Muslims have also predicted the takeover of Rome. They also believe that the small village of Dabiq, Syria will be where the final showdown occurs with the “infidels” before they can take Rome and raise the flag of their Caliphate!

Though these prophecies are intriguing, it can be shown that even though some prophecies have come to pass as written, these prophets have also predicted other things which have not happened. For example, Baba Vanga, though credited with an 85 per cent success rate, said that Obama would be the last American president.

Perhaps some things have happened as predicted because people believed that is what had to happen and worked to make them come true, as may be the case with what the terrorist forces are in the process of doing now.

We should not lose hope and expect doom but rather look at these things as warnings and do what we can to ensure a more positive outcome.

By Thalia Lightbringer – MessageToEagle.com Writer

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