The Creepy Story Of The Twins Jim And Jim

Twins often share a special bond that cannot be easily explained. There are many cases about twins who have been brought up miles from each other without even knowing they have a twin somewhere out there and yet they share similar lives for unknown reason.

Jim Lewis and Jim Springer – Image credit: Iflmylife

The creepy story about the twins Jim and Jim is a perfect example of how strange life can sometimes be.

Jim Lewis and Jim Springer were born in 1940 and they were separated at birth and adopted by separate families in Ohio, USA.

As children the boys did not know about each other. They grew up in homes within 45 miles of each other.

Strangely, both families named the boys James and this was at this point the coincidences just started. Both married twice — first to women named Linda, and then to women named Betty. Both had children, including sons named James Allen.

The two men also had pets with the same name. Both owned dogs named Toy.

In 1979, after a several year-long separation, the two twins re-united for a study, and the results of their tests were extraordinary. Their medical histories were identical, and the pair shared the same habits, including having woodworking workshops in their garages, a fondness for Chevys, and vacations on one particular beach in Florida.

Life can be strange indeed.

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