Report UFO sighting #162

Rozaje, Montenegro – 24 June 2014
Original and zoomed photos UFO above Rozaje, Montenegro,24.06.2014. Maybe is this a spy plane, I am not sure what is this,it was a silent a extremly lighting.
Louisville, Ky – 21 June 2014
I live in Louisville, Ky. On June 21, around 10:15 p.m., I and a neighbor were outside talking when we saw strange lights in the north east sky. They were coming from behind trees on the horizon from our left, about 15 degrees above the horizon. They were very bright, and looked like flares. But they keep coming in a straight line, parallel to the ground, heading south, and were fairly closer together. There was absolutely no sound and the lights were not flashing or blinking. But they did not travel far, maybe 20 degrees total, before the first in line would disappear. Then each one in turn disappeared at the same point. There were at least twenty five if not more. We were really dumbfounded by what we saw. If a plane was in a similar path, it would have been heard or the lights would have flickered. These were not planes. Another neighbor also saw these odd lights. No response was given by a local news when contacted.
UFO Mullaloo, Western Australia – 2013
Took this mullaloo beach Good Friday nite . My phone died before it came really close to me then sped off. It was unbelievable. !! Video link:
London, UK – 2013


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