Massive UFO Sighting in Brazoria County, Houston

A pair of purple and blue lights has been the talk of the town for many decades on the back roads of Brazoria County. Specifically happening between Damon and West Columbia, along Highway 36, the story of Chief Deputy Billy Edwin McCoy and Brazoria County Deputy Bob Goode has been passed from generation to generation nearly 50 years now. McCoy’s son, Kevin, recalled the excitement but scary as well. He was an 8-year-old kid that time.
The comprehensive details of the story have been part of the Brazoria County lore. Interestingly, the story also heavily mentioned in government documents.
The story in the government documents narrates that the deputies were driving at 11 in the evening from Damon to West Columbia along with a Brazoria patrol interceptor. All of a sudden the two officers saw strange blue and purple lights in the sky. They were shocked to see the lights grew bigger and more intense as they came closer to them. They were struck in fear when they saw some form of a giant spaceship, estimated to be a football field long. Both men draw nearly similar sketches of the UFO for investigators.
According to Kevin McCoy, his father firmly believed they saw a real spaceship until he died. Kevin said he never heard his father said maybe when talking about the incident. Kevin revealed that his father kept on saying that they saw something not terrestrial in origin.

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