UFO Alien Abduction Case: Still Bothers Travis Walton

The most prolific abduction case in the history of ufology is the kidnapping case of Travis Walton, which happened more than 35 years ago. His disappearance has caused a hurricane of news controversy, reports, and skepticism. Throughout his entire adult life, Walton carried the emotional burden and the incident, for the most part, is his solo journey. Of course, there is no concrete evidence that an extraterrestrial spacecraft has abducted anyone. But it is beyond one’s control if one person claims that he or she has been kidnapped.
The Abduction Incident
The event began on November 5, 1975, Walton at 22 years old. He was employed by Mike Rogers, who had a contract for nine years with the United States Forest Service. Walton and Rogers were best friends. On November 5, after 6 p.m. Rogers and his crew said they saw a huge golden disc soaring above a shining and clearing brightly. The men in truck reported that Walton was below when the disc-shaped object began making noises. Walton rose his foot into the air, with his extremities outstretched. The 1978 book entitled “The Walton Experience,” Walton told his extraordinary experience. The book became a film in 1993 entitled “Fire In The Sky.”
The Abduction Details
He revealed his terrifying experience when “non-human” beings abducted him, and his fear and suffocation feelings have unfolded. He claimed that he saw the face of the non-human creature, which are smaller than people, which is hard to control. He even concluded that the size might be the reason they have given up.
Walton was declared missing for five days, and during that time, his co-loggers buddies have faced foul play suspicions. When Walton came back without knowing how long he stayed in the alien’s life, there were loads of intense investigation, including multiple physical, psychological and polygraph tests. To celebrate the 40th anniversary, Walton will be speaking in Arizona at the November Skyfire Summit.

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