Ball Of Light Disappearing Into A Wormhole Portal Above Canberra

A strange ball of light lit up the sky over Canberra before quickly vanishing once again stirred UFO sighting speculations on social media.
The video, which was first uploaded to Reddit, showed a round UFO surfacing on the Australian Capital Territory sky amidst a Sunday night storm. The mysterious object has a faint green and red glow in the background.
Some users of social media labeled it as an ET event while experts branded it as a weather phenomenon called ball lightning.
The lightning illuminated with a green-red hue and a white orb in the dark sky and disappeared after a few seconds during the recorded incident.
Some believe it is a UFO exiting a portal from another dimension. Jakka Warren says that it is the so-called Class B UFO because of the presence of typical hyperdrive residue and not the ball of lightning as experts hinted. Many Reddit users maintained that the strange light was a sign of hyperspace opening up.
But experts insist it is ball lightning. Dr. Brad Tucker, an astronomer at Australian National University, debunked alien claims, saying it was ball lightning, an equally mysterious phenomenon.
He stated that some may have mistaken it for an Aurora, where the energy of the sun hits the atmosphere, rubbing it with friction and charging the gas. But it doesn’t fit because there is no activity from the sun and it is cloudy.
However, he thought it was ball lightning, a strange event where lightning appears as a ball explosion and moves around in the sky in some instances. The electrical charge rubbing against atmospheric gases manifest in this activity.

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