This day in UFO History: 1966 Westall Incident: The Unresolved Mystery

Whether UFOs have been around longer or no existence at all, the truth is always out there. Most people do not consider the facts right in front of their recorded history. When Roswell came out in 1947, the perception of people towards the mysterious object is alien visitation. In fact, they consider it as one of the most significant stories. However, when the Westall incident occurred, it immediately gained attention, making it as one of the most witnessed and greatest sightings ever recorded in the history.
The 20-minute Westall encounter took place in April 6, 1966, exactly 50 years ago, in Australia. Around 11.00 am, they were completing a sports activity when a grey saucer-shaped spacecraft object with a slight purple color was spotted. More than 200 students and teachers allegedly witnessed the mysterious flying object, about twice the size of a family car, descending in an open grass field. The paddock was adjacent to pine trees are known as the nature reserve today (The Grange back then). According to the reports, the object ascended in a northwestern direction over the suburbs of Clayton South, Australia. Where the saucer shaped craft had landed in a circle, no one knows if it completely landed. What is certain is it disappeared 20 minutes after.
The police have spoken to some adult witnesses, and an unscheduled assembly by the headmaster of the school was declared to that effect. The school reminds the students that the alleged object was not an extraterrestrial vessel, but a man-made weather balloon. They also told the students not to share the story with anyone. A science teacher Andrew Greenwood was visited by the officers who threatened him not to say anything. Otherwise, he is discredited. Despite popularity, the press was minimal, but since The Dandenong Journal interviewed many people, it ended up as a front page story.
Although witnesses reported the mysterious aircraft, investigators were unable to find any record. As for the Moorabbin Airport, no aircraft entered the airspace during that time.

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