Investigative Look Into Beliefs About UFOs and Aliens

A man claimed a UFO abducted him while going back to home from work in Arizona about 41 years ago.
The man is Travis Walton, who reappeared five days after his apparent abduction on November 5, 1975.
Now, an upcoming photo book, “Phenomena,” featured Walton and other people that have a connection in several UFO sighting reports. The book offers an investigative look into beliefs of Americans about UFOs and aliens. Danish photographers Tobias Selnaes Markussen, Sara Galbiati, and Peter Helles Eriksen created it.
Galbiati said that they just had a mutual interest in the subject matter. They don’t make the project as being believers or how they believe in UFOs, but more on telling the buyers of the book that there was a group of people that believed so much in UFOs and aliens that they saw the world completely different than most individuals.
The images for the book were all shot last year in New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada, including Area 51, the highly guarded U.S. Air Force facility, located in the remote area, near the town of Rachel in Nevada.
Galbiati said that all areas that they visited had some meaning or significance, including Phoenix, where a supposed UFO sighting, known as the Phoenix Lights, was reported on 13th of March 1997.
Galbiati also revealed that in Denmark or Europe, the thing is taboo. He explained that if people believe in UFOs in those areas, they keep it to themselves. He added that the matter isn’t something people go around and talking because the majority will think that individuals who discuss it are mad.
However, in America, according to Galbiati, they were more understanding as people respect the belief of others. It’s almost like a religion wherein people won’t judge the believers, added Galbiati.

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