1969 Abduction Story of José Antonio da Silva in Brazil

The term alien abduction was described as being taken secretly against one’s will by nonhuman entities. Such abductions have been classified as close encounters. People are claiming to have been abducted called “experiencers” or “abductees.” Due to lack of physical evidence, most mental health and scientists professionals dismiss the encounter as deception. The following abduction took place in Brazil on May 4, 1969, when a 24-year-old José Antonio da Silva was fishing on a lagoon when he heard voices and feeling the motion of figures moving behind him.
He saw two creatures, about four feet tall, wearing aluminum suits that appeared to be helmets, dragged and seized him to a craft sitting on a road. The object was an upright cylinder and possess black platforms. According to him, the craft rise. The beings animatedly talked in a language unknown to him. The soldier was blindfolded, which led to a large room. A humanoid creature stood in front of him who was hairy and taller than the rest. His long hair was wavy and reddish. As the beings examined his fishing equipment, Da Silva watched and took one of the items. Later on, the humanoid creatures gave him a dark green liquid drink.
The dwarf leader started a strange conservation with the soldier, and the latter understood that they wanted to ask help from him. When he refused, they snatched the rosary’s crucifix. As the soldier started praying, a Cristlike figure appeared and made revelations. Shortly afterward, he was blindfolded again and taken back to earth. He woke up alone near the town of Vitoria and realized that he was away for four and a half days. The right inquiry here is, where was his physical body in 4.5-day absence. Most abductions come from a vision. According to Jacques Vallee, striking parallels between the initiation ordeals and man’s experience. The elements of alien abduction are present in Jose Antonio de Silva.

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