Famous Author Says Aliens Have Something To Do With Cattle Mutilation

Jeering public and skeptical authorities buried UFO sightings, disclosed Ben Mezrich, an acclaimed author of books that were the base for Oscar winner movies “The Social Network,” and “21.”
Flashing lights and mysterious movies are creating waves and catching attention virtually everywhere as UFOs are becoming the eye candy. However, believers appear to be lesser in number when compared to disbelievers. Every time an apparent alien being observed in the skies, there is always a debate of whether they are indeed UFOs or just birds and ordinary aircraft.
Ben Mezrich latest book “The 37th Parallel” could likely make waves in the UFO community. According to Mezrich, cattle mutilation is one of many pieces of evidence about aliens.
He wrote that there had been more than ten thousand horses and cows have been found without life and mutilated over the past seventy years. These mutilated animals usually left lying on their sides with organs being removed through what Mezrich describes as precise, circular wounds.
Most mutilated animals have missing lungs, tongues, eyes, and hearts. And, according to Mezrich, this isn’t even the worst part. Nearly all carcasses have been recovered completely drained of blood, Mezrich wrote.

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