Between 20 and 30 Star-Like Objects Follow Four Triangle UFOs

Four triangle UFOs appeared in Pennsylvania and followed by several star-like objects on November 4. The witness from Fairless Hills, Bucks County said the mysterious objects traveled without a sound over 20 feet from neighboring homes. Interestingly, the triangle-shaped unidentified flying objects were followed by 20 to 30 star-like objects.
The witness was with his child walking up a slightly inclined street. His youngest child stopped to catch a Pokemon and had lagged behind. The witness turned around after noticing that his child was no longer with him. To his surprise, he saw two large black, triangular UFOs behind his child.

He described the two craft as bigger than the houses as they flew slowly 20 feet above the one-story houses across the street and around 20 feet away. He said the second craft was behind the first craft flying at the same height.
The two black craft had a solid red light in the center with three bright white lights at the three corners. They headed east and silently shifted direction toward southeast before they disappeared behind trees.
Moments later, the witness saw two more triangular craft flying in the same direction from the same location as the first two craft. He described the second sighting as like a déjà vu as if they spotted the event again, but in a slightly different angle because they were farther from the two UFOs the second time around.
When the reporting witness and his child turned east, they spotted a patch of sky with between twenty and thirty balls of light that looked like stars but moving. The lights had red to bluish-white to orange to bright white colors. They then went high up to the east of the witness’ direction.

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