Alien-Human New Mexico Battle Left Dozens Dead

Phil Schneider has become known to the world after he told an amazing story of his encounter with extraterrestrial beings living underground while working as an explosives expert. He claimed to have helped the U.S. government in building secret underground bases in 1979 in Dulce, N.M.
Schneider further claimed there was a battle with aliens in August 1979 and he was one of the three survivors. He is the only person so far with a high-level security clearance revealing details on the knowledge of the government of alien beings.
Two years before his death in 1997, he was very vocal against the government for keeping people in the dark. He gave various talks detailing his experiences about the alien base and battle.
Schneider claimed many attempts to silence him after he started talking what he experienced. He reportedly died by suicide in 1997, but his supporters suspected it was not the case.
Schneider said that he saw so many Special Forces Green Berets around the camp in the underground base he was helping to build. The work team reportedly drilled four large holes to start the construction. Schneider revealed in a lecture at the Preparedness Expo in 1995 that all the black sooty air came up when they drilled the holes there. He went underground to assess the area, but he found himself just feet away from a 7-foot-tall alien called the big gray.
Schneider described the stench as worse than the worst garbage can, and the entity was horrible. He fumbled for a pistol that was with him at that moment and killed two of the aliens, but one of them managed to emit a mysterious and harmful energy. The alien had made a circular motion with his hand and waved it in front of his chest. Then a blue beam hit Schneider and opened up like a fish.

The beam burned off some of his fingers on the left hand hit his chest and burned his shoes and toenails.
A Green Beret saved Schneider’s life and the former got the latter into a lift and pushed the button to raise him up to safety.
Schneider said that more than 60 people lost their lives that day, including the Green Beret who saved him. He further revealed that the other two survivors were in nursing homes in Canada, protected by the Canadian government that no American citizens were allowed to access them. The two survivors were scared of being kidnapped, according to Schneider.
Schneider also revealed that wars under have been going on since that time. He was referring to 1,477 underground bases in different parts of the world, and 129 of which were in the U.S.

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