Russians Knew About the Existence Of Aliens in 1969

The theory that Russia has known about extraterrestrial civilizations for many years probably sounds familiar. It could be the most legendary story involving a space UFO crash and the subsequent autopsy of its ET crew. Those incidents reportedly took place in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Official explanations said that it was a secret military spy balloon that came down.
Nearly the same alleged incident involved the Soviet Union; wherein a UFO had crashed close to the former District of Sverdlovsk in 1969.
The Soviet UFO-autopsy story is not new, but the Russian event is all of a sudden getting more media attention. The TNT special titled “The Secret KGB UFO Files,” hosted by Roger Moore, released in 1998 features UFO crash and alien autopsy. Some UFO researchers said that this story is simply a hoax.
Interestingly, The Voice of Russia circulated this the same story again recently. The radio network currently broadcasts in 160 countries to 109 million listeners and is one of the top radio broadcasters worldwide.
The Voice of Russia also included references to reports of UFO crash or a UFO being shot down near Prohlandnyi City on August 10, 1989. The latest story also involved alien bodies.
Earlier,, the Russian internet newspaper, reported that a group of scientists had been in contact with space aliens.
According to the report, former Ministry of Defense official Alexey Savin told journalists that a group of researchers connected to the Expert Management Unit of General Staff were able to make contact with representatives of ET civilization.

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