Government UFO Disclosure Begins

Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell said after his Apollo 14 Moon flight in 1971 that UFOs are real and all humanity should ask is where do they come from.
The prospect of UFOs has indeed raised countless questions for centuries. Many are afraid of the occupants as they may be hostile, but others think they may be friendly. Others argue that those UFOs have no occupants at all.
Researchers have been finding ways to communicate them, but so far no result or not yet disclosed. It is not yet determined what power these travelers are using. There have inquiries if aliens believe in God. Questions about UFOs and alien occupants are seemingly endless.
However, one question has been finally answered. UFOs exist as the world now knows. The Pentagon had spent $22 million on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program up until 2012. The program tested theories about alien craft interfering in the airspace and even reportedly collected physical evidence from them.
According to the billionaire investor of the project Robert Bigelow, who is also a longtime UFO researcher, his company collected audio and video recordings of reported UFO incidents for the American military. Among the videos was the one that involved a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet surrounded by a radiant glow moving at high speed and gyrating as it moved. The Navy pilots can be heard trying to understand what they are witnessing.
Interestingly, Bigelow also claims that his company stored different materials recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena, including metal alloys. He further states that he is convinced of the existence of aliens and that UFOs have visited Earth.
The Department of Defense has never before announced – in collaboration with major news corporations and private sector – with such intentional solemnity that unidentified flying objects are real. It may be just logical to assume that official disclosure is coming or when the public is ready to accept what happened entirely. The speculation and denial of this subject for much too long may be coming to an end and that everything is about to change. The disclosure will most likely a paradigm shift in the way humanity perceives our place in the universe.

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