This Is What Bill Clinton Found In His Efforts To Discover the Truth About UFOs

The US Government has been accused of withholding files on UFO encounters, but if there is one person who would know the entire information, that would be the President of the United States. Unfortunately, it was not the case, at least during Bill Clinton’s administration.
Bill Clinton reportedly spent much time in trying to know what other government agencies were not telling him about UFO encounters. His associate attorney general Webster Hubbell allegedly told the President about a secret government holding information on UFOs.
According to Hubbell’s memoir, President Clinton gave him two essential tasks, one to know who assassinated John F. Kennedy and the other one was to figure out how much the government knew about UFOs.
While investigating other agencies about UFO encounters, he found himself blocked at each turn. It was only after sufficient pressure when CIA director James Woolsey started declassifying records of the involvement of the CIA in UFO investigation and the projects of the Air Force to research UFO sightings.
Project SAUCER and Project SIGN were Air Force’s projects to research UFO sightings, which were conducted in spite of the official government announcement that no research was done in the aftermath of the Roswell Incident. These investigations were designed to collect, collate, evaluate, and distribute all information relating to such sightings but only within the government. These projects were born on the premise that UFOs might be real and of national security concern.
The CIA also confirmed reports that the agency had years of records and a wealth of knowledge when it came to UFO research that was initially withheld from Clinton and Hubbell.
Disclosure of some files on US interest in UFOs involves no smoking gun evidence that conspiracy theorists are seeking. Mr Hubble concludes that a secret government wing holds all records on US interest in UFOs that even the President has been kept in the dark.

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