Satellite Photo Shows A Round Object Beneath Water Off Greek Coast

Ufologists online have come into a frenzy after the discovery of a mysterious circular shape on satellite maps of Google. They are speculating that it could be a hidden submersible off the coast of Greece.
Website Disclose.TV, which posts information about aliens and UFOs, got the people’s attention after it published the circular object online. The unidentified submersible object was reportedly viewed online through Google Maps in the Aegean Sea.
The object is approximately 220 feet long using the ruler on Google Earth for the measurement. It is not established whether the UFO has ever been seen for real or just the image as a result of an optical illusion, such as a trick of the light.
Several folks offer their suggestion as to what the satellite imagery is showing. Many of them believe that the mysterious thing is newly-found evidence that we are not alone.
One commentator says that something here doesn’t belong. They describe the find as an impressive catch and would love to hear the official excuses on this one.
A second person states that it is indeed weird as nothing in the area looks remotely like that object.
A more skeptical commenter said that the shadow underwater could be from the old pier.
However, for now, the actual cause of the bizarre shape stays a mystery. Anyone can view the location on Google Maps here.

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