10 Ways Of How To Contact Aliens Telepathically

If you want to establish contact with the super intelligent beings from the outer space, you would possibly be thinking what should be the mode of communication. Your intergalactic friends would certainly not know English or any other language that is spoken on this planet. So there has to be some other mode of communication.
From the firsthand accounts of victims of alien abduction, like Betty and Barney Hill, abductees of the Allagash waterway abduction case and many more, it is learned that aliens use telepathic means to establish contact with humans. While that solves one puzzle of how to communicate, it opens doors to another challenge. What needs to be done so that aliens can be contacted telepathically? You certainly cannot do that while sitting in a crowded coffee shop sipping on a hot cup of mocha. Here are 10 ways of contacting aliens by means of telepathy.

Getting yourself prepared
Ways to establish contact

Now that you are prepared psychologically and physically for an encounter with the extraterrestrials, it is time to establish contact with them. Here are some ways.

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