Top 7 Alien Evidences Of The Madonna With Saint Giovannino

Do UFOs and aliens really exist? This is a question, answer to which is not available till this date. However, if certain samples of medieval art are to be considered, it would become evident that UFOs and aliens do exist. There are various medieval paintings where UFOs or aliens are seen in the background of the painting, proving that ancient people had regular encounters with aliens. One such painting is the famous ‘The Madonna with Saint Giovannino’, painted by Domenico Ghirlandio in the 15th century. There are multiple evidences in this painting that points towards the affirmation of the fact that aliens and UFOs do exist.

Not only this painting, but other paintings on the same subject are also available which bears some of the strange things that are mentioned above. These paintings certainly make it evident that aliens and UFOs are there and they have been visiting mankind in the past, like they do now.

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