Billy Meier Contacted with Pleiadian Aliens

28 Jan 1975 in a small Alpine village Hinwil, near Zurich, began to turn extraordinary “space” events.

Responding to the imperative of “nice” inner voice, level-headed, working as a security guard Edward Meyer, hops on his moped and drove to a remote coniferous forest in Selskiy area of Switzerland. Suddenly stopping near a clearance among the trees, Meier heard a ringing noise in the sky, looked up and saw a shining disk-like devices, with a diameter of about 21 feet, descending from the clouds.

One ship slowly approached the ground and slowly sat down on three nominated legs. Meyer soon he saw the person approaching him from the side of the vessel. As it approach it is considered that this is an elegant young woman. Her flowing hair was long and blond, she was dressed in tight-fitting gray jumpsuit. Without any confusion she went to Meyer and said in his native Austro-German dialect.

Feeling relaxed, they came to the foot of the nearest tree, sat down and talked for about an hour. The girl introduced herself as “Simias” and explained that he had come to Earth from a distant star system, known to us as the Pleiades, 500 light years.

Meyer insists that the main objective of the visit of the Lightworkers was not to start a war, but merely to convey the teaching… They see us as their little brothers, offering us a real doctrine of natural life, spiritual mission, spiritual life..
Or, according to Simmias, ” We are also still far from perfect and have to develop themselves. We are not supermen, not missionaries… we feel indebted to the inhabitants of the Earth, as our ancestors were your ancestors… do You call us aliens or star people, you belong to us superhuman power, although you don’t even know us. However, we are people just like you, only our knowledge and understanding much superior to yours. especially in technology…
As bearers of spiritual realization, and not the vanguard of a marauding space armadas, looking for new territories to plunder the Lightworkers, according to Meier, declare as its aim only the report of a fundamental metaphysical truth.
“It’s known in many worlds, the fact that human beings of the earth refuse to real spiritual growth and personal development only to the extent of gross materialism… the material being identificeret with his body, his possessions and property…”
Pleyadintsy consider all the social structures of the Earth such as government, corporate, economic institutions, religion, etc as a separatist, monolithic, authoritarian institutions of coercion, created solely to exploit humanity, to lower the masses slaves of material values.
After years of hard work and painstaking research Wendell Stevens summed up the visit of the Lightworkers…
“They are here because they care about us, their younger brothers. our technical capacity is superior to our spiritual capacity, the development of information and we are now in the position of the threat of self-destruction and lack of spiritual development for predetermine.
So we became the object of a laboratory experiment. They expect that we will take. In fact, they don’t expect us to solve. They see us as an insane society rushing headlong to destruction and only the change in mass consciousness and level of development can affect this, but they do not see such a possibility — in view of the fact that the United States are key in this process!”
In addition to high qualifications of interstellar pilot Simias is a specialist in many Sciences and sociological disciplines. In fact, she spent nearly a decade in the earthly equivalent for study of the earth’s sociology to prepare for contact with Meyer. The lives of Lightworkers lasts about 1,000 years, so at the age of about 300 years of a PhD Simias corresponds to many doctoral.
Like it or not, this case fit my personal ideal alien contact with careful cultural exchange that meets the conditions of understanding. In any case, this mystical contact gives hope that somewhere among the stars there is a related, more good world than the one we know.

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