Contact with Nordic aliens in Ontario

In the evening, 15 old David felt an indefinable desire to leave your house and go to the area of Niagara falls, as if on someone’s command, he gathered and went there.
He doesn’t remember exactly how I got to the right place. Everything was dark. Suddenly the whole area around is lit up with bright, blinding light. The light came from the top, just above the trees. He looked at the light source, it was a great, smooth plate, emitting bluish-white light. The diameter of the plate was about 30 feet (the height of 9этажного house). She hung motionless above the trees. He immediately realized that it was a ship of some extraterrestrial civilization.
David decided to take advantage of the situation and shouted, “Who’s t? What do you want?”
Then the most unexpected happened. A loud resonating voice spoke of flying saucers: “do Not be afraid, we will not hurt you. We’ll be back tomorrow to visit you.”After several moments, the plate began to move North-East, gaining altitude and quickly sped off in a burst of speed. He then hitched home, parents were terrified of his absence.
The next night, when everyone had gone to sleep, David felt something strange, like someone was watching him. He walked over to the window in his room and shouted “Who’s there … are you from a flying saucer?” Then telepathically, another voice replied: “be Not afraid, prepare yourself. “Suddenly it’s like he fell into darkness, unconscious. Woke up inside an alien spaceship.
Looking around, he could see that stands in the round room. The perimeter of the instrument panel, made of a bluish white metal. David stepped towards the man about 7 feet tall with blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. It was wearing a blue skintight suit. The stranger also went to him and said:
“We brought You here because there are many important things will happen on Earth in the future. It can be either negative or positive change, it all depends on mankind and his relationship to his neighbor and the environment.”
When the stranger said this, that on the big screen appeared the image. David saw Rio de Janeiro at night. Suddenly a great earthquake struck, panic, fire. He saw a huge, powerful wave, reaching a thousand feet high, and how many cities were at the bottom of the ocean.
The stranger said: “This is just an example of what will happen in your future…” And he showed him his ship had spent the rest of the compartments, walked into the command center, where there was a high chair, panels and screens, which was pulsing different colors.
When it’s time to go back, the plate hovered over the roof of his house. They took him up to a large transparent tube, rose in it, it was surrounded by a strange yellowish glow, then began to flicker blue, red colors. Later, he found himself in his room.

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