Meetings With Nordic Aliens. The Visit In The Night

One of the witnesses was Volzhanin A. T. Burochkin, the Colonel in resignation, the participant of the great Patriotic war. From 1960 to 1972 he served in Baikonur and personally knew all of the first cosmonauts.
— It happened in the night from 9 to 10 November 2000, — says Alexey Tikhonovich details.
A stranger appeared in my room in the middle of the night. Was six feet tall, very good physique — like swimmers. And dressed in a tight shiny grey body suit with cuffs on the hands and under the throat. — As the earthly man. Short hair, blond hair, expressive blue eyes, resembled actor Alexander Mikhailov. For years — no more than 30. I initially surprise was yelling at it — thought the thief through the balcony penetrated. But then I calmed down because it came from goodwill and no aggression.
The conversation took seven minutes. The stranger said that their planet has no armies and they are not fighting.. Great attention is paid to education of children, homeless children they have. The society manages a group of specialists from the Grand Council. Technology flight in space is like nothing on earth. The alien said that Earth is visited by different civilizations, but be wary of the so-called «gray». They are small, they reproduce by cloning. They have problems with reproduction, and they do experiments on people to learn how to play the race as people.
— We — technical civilization, ‘ said the stranger, on the Ground studying the atmosphere, water and how they change. Unfortunately, the changes not for the better…
The stranger had vanished as suddenly as it appeared. And in the morning Alexey Tikhonovich found that with his century on the right eye wart disappeared, which he was pretty annoyed. He fully believed in the reality of the night visit…

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