Contact with «Nordic Aliens» In Brazil

Brazil, 1977, the city of Rio de Janeiro.

In the evening, on the outskirts of a local Moacir, 53 years old, was in his yard when he was approached by a man, height nearly three meters, with blond hair and invited him to speak. He spoke Portuguese very well. The witness was scared, but agreed to go with him. They walked together into the desert. Suddenly he noticed a large disc-shaped craft standing on the ground. Around him were several more similar beings, they greeted him and all climbed inside the ship. What they were saying on the ship, Moacir recalls with difficulty. Remember how he found himself back at the house.

The next morning the witness was very surprised when this tall white man came to their house. His wife and children saw him too. He was wearing a dazzling silver suit, exuding a glow with a wide belt with a metal buckle around 20cm in diameter. It was forced to lower his eyes, and he saw the metallic-colored boots.

Moacir raised her eyes and looked at his face, the stranger smiled. In height he was rather like those creatures up to 3 meters. This man was muscled like a weight lifter. On the face of the giant looked very young. His skin was a waxy white color.

This man again asked Moacir to follow him. They went on the deserted field. They stopped near the hill, with sparse vegetation. And 10-15 meters from the sky landing craft, similar to a metal saucer. In color it was dull-aluminum, about 20 meters in diameter. Moved some supports and he landed.

The ship was 7 meters in height with a dome. Moacir were invited on Board. They passed through the ladder at the bottom of the ship. Inside it was cold. They entered a round room. Around the perimeter there was a large window of 3 by 1.5 meters. Through these Windows filtered the light that dimly illuminated the darkened interior of the ship. The head of Moacir barely reached the bottom of the frame as everything on the ship corresponds to the size of giants. In place of one of the Windows was the likeness of a panel with colored buttons and levers. Moacir looked out of the window and saw the starry sky and celestial body, like Saturn.

One of the giants invited him to visit the «secret room». They passed into the corridor, and went into a very cold room. There he saw numerous shelves along the walls, which were transparent containers filled with green liquid. In the center of the room stood a table, which resembled operating. Moacir the stranger immediately gave a telepathic response. He asked why it was selected for the study. The stranger said that he has a good physical and mental data.

What happened next he does not remember. Came to his senses when he went down in the desert, near the road, where he safely made it home.

Moacir recalls the strange features of the high people, aliens: very large eyes that seemed to glow blue; his teeth seemed to be one solid white plate without any teeth. The hair of the giant was very light, almost white. He also noticed that they had telepathic abilities.

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