Memories Of The Meeting With The Aliens

This history is stored in my memory as if happened the day before… it Happened in late may 1992. I went fishing on the river Cheremshan. It was early morning, I chose the fish from the nets and wanted to get a motorcycle to drive home. Suddenly heard a voice, sounding like in my head.

He ordered: «Sit down.»

I turned around and saw in the predawn darkness a human figure. At first I thought that it was a «COP» greets me with a fish, and my first thought was to jerk off. But the voice soothed, saying that it does not need to be afraid of. And all fear somewhere has disappeared. I realized that in front of me no ordinary man, and, perhaps, an alien from outer space. He was dressed in a suit: suit-type overalls grey with flashes. Color remotely similar to the screen does not turn on the TV. On the head something like a hat of the same color. Face I didn’t see because it was covered by a glass surface such as a visor. The stranger was slender, height about one meter eighty.

He asked me if I wanted to talk to him. I nodded. The conversation started, if it can be called a conversation in the usual sense of the word. The stranger, answering my questions, as if replaying film footage directly from my brain, and sometimes just nodded in agreement. He knew what I was thinking, and read all my thoughts.

I remember I asked him why they openly do not come in contact with people. The alien replied that they have instructions forbidding them to interfere in our lives. They believe that humanity must develop its own way. Alien compare our civilization with ants. I realized that he was referring to the fact that their civilization was so far removed from humanity in its development, our civilization from the ants. He said that we are of interest to them as savages, the development of which they observe. I also found out that where he arrived, the time being measured differently. Their life expectancy is around 700 years in our chronology. They wear the head protective device that protects from impacts, and so no one else could read their thoughts. In General, for some 20 minutes, he put so much into my head that even in the book of everything will not tell.

At the end of the conversation, I tried to defend the earthlings said that humanity is still in space, and, they say, we’re not that retarded. This alien ironically replied that the space we are going to win as long as his time conquered the ocean. And he clearly showed me the history of the development of people water areas. As they sailed on fragile boats from island to island and so on.

He told me that our Earth is visited by several civilizations. It’s mostly young civilization, looking on the Earth they need rare items that we will need. Other representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence arrive to us mainly for refueling. And what would you think? Water! He also warned that, in order to communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations, it is possible to get into their zoo, not on a tour. He explained the purpose of their visit to Earth as a collection of information and study of the Solar system.

In conclusion, I have shown in pictures that if I’m going to tell everyone about what he had seen and realized that no one would believe me. And really, who would I have talked about meeting with a stranger, no one believed me. Before anything like I had not seen. I am a materialist and believe in science, and an alien encounter was a confirmation of my conjecture that we are not alone in space.

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