Unusual Object Caught on Photo in Vallejo, California

Vallejo, California — February, 2017

I was taking some pictures of these really dark, mean-looking storm clouds one day in about the middle of Feburary this year 2017. I live in Vallejo, California and at the time I took this particular photo I was living in an RV park across from the Veterens Building and Vallejo had lots of stormy weather in Feburary.

Anyway I was watching TV and the power went out. It wasn’t raining yet, but I got up and was looking out my window and saw that it looked like it was getting ready to pour any minute but the clouds were dark and scary looking and I thought it looked pretty neat so I took a few pictures on my cell phone of the clouds from inside my RV looking out.

I took a few pictures and then didn’t look at them until about a month ago when I was deleting stuff from my phone when I noticed the picture with this object in it!

I didn’t see it when I was taking the picture! I took a few pictures of the clouds at different angle. You can tell the clouds are the same clouds that this picture is part of!

Tripped me out! I saw a UFO… I can,t give you the exact date, but it was the middle of February this year just before I moved across town. I watch the sky all the time now! Was taken around noon time!

Debbie C.

UFO over Vallejo, California

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