UFOs Videotaped over Washington

Tukwila, Washington — 07-31-17

My girlfriend first drew my attention to the objects. They were three, possibly four lights I saw in the sky and they were moving. They were very bright compared to the airliners; they were visible in the sky and compared to the stars far above.

The lights would dim and brighten often to a brilliant white, that almost hurt my eyes to look at even though the objects were miles away. I stayed and watched the objects and filmed them on my phone and what I was specifically looking for was some kind of maneuver or behavior from the from the lights that would rule out any terrestrial craft.

I am not sure if I was able to spot such a maneuver. What I did see however, was that the objects would change colors and pulsate.

They would hover in one place for extended periods of time, minutes, and then slowly move away. The object would come into some sort of formation and then disperse, leaving one or two behind which would then brighten.

They would also swap places. Frequently one of the dimmer lights would pass directly next to one of the other ones before brightening again. I was distracted by my daughter who had woken up to go to the bathroom and by trying to get decent video footage of it.

I have several clips of footage that I would love to submit to anyone who finds it interesting. I’d love to share more details if someone thinks that this is worthwhile.

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