Cylindrical UFO Hovers for over 1 Hour

El Paso, Texas — 06-04-17

On the drive back home from Mexico, my father and I noticed the UFO in the sky.

My father took multiple pictures because he has the new iPhone with a good camera. The object hovered in the same spot for a good time; approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Also we did not notice any other objects but in one of the pictures you can see 2 more objects that looked like transparent discs that at first glance look like clouds but are too perfect in size and shape and are obviously trying to cloak themselves to no avail as we did not see the other 2 to the naked eye.

But the other UFO was solid and visible.

I study Ufology daily and I know this was an otherworldly craft. My father and I were ecstatic as we both have wanted to have a personal UFO sighting all of our lives.

Finally we drove out of sight of the object as we had to be home to care for our pets.

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