New Form of UFO Filmed in Bermuda Triangle

Boqueron, Puerto Rico (June 6, 2017) — A new type of UFO has been discovered, and filmed multiple times, in Puerto Rico. One researcher, Joshua P. Warren, thinks it may be a living organism, so he calls it an «Organic UFO,» or «OUFO.»

Leaked Homeland Security footage, captured in 2013, shows one of these strange, slightly saucer-shaped, objects flying around the Rafael Hernandez Airport in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico at 120 mph.

The object is visible for over three minutes, and even dips into the Atlantic Ocean, traveling just below the surface of the water at 95 mph.

A group of mainstream scientists analyzed, and authenticated, the footage, with results published online in a detailed, independent, 162-page report.

Over the past four years, Warren, who has appeared over the years on the History Channel, Nat Geo, Discovery, and Travel Channel, has gathered, and captured, much more footage of these strange objects, now freely released in an online video report.

«The Homeland Security footage is shot with a thermal camera, and gives us the strongest evidence that this is a real phenomenon,» Warren says. «But we’ve got many other recordings of these anomalies, and I believe they may have even been documented in sculptures by the ancient Taino Indians in Puerto Rico.»

Warren believes these may be living organisms since they do not appear to be well-structured, like a machine, and appear to interact with humans in a new way, often appearing on-command when requested. His new video report includes several witnesses, plus numerous video clips, and showcases a TV News report from Denver, Colorado, where a similar phenomenon has also been captured on film.

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