Australian Cattle Rancher Encounters Bizarre UFO

In the early morning of September 30, 1980, near Rosedale, Victoria, an Australian cattle rancher was awoken by the sound of his frightened cattle. When he went outside, he was astonished to see a domed disc-shaped object with orange and blue lights, gliding about ten feet above the ground.

It rose slightly in the air, hovered briefly above an open 10,000 gallon water tank, and then landed fifty feet away.

The rancher jumped on his motorbike and sped towards the object, which was making a “whistling” sound. Suddenly an “awful scream” sounded as a black tube extended from the UFO’s base. With an ear-splitting bang, the strange craft rose into the air. A blast of air knocked the rancher down.

The sounds ceased as the object slowly moved to a position about 30 feet away and 8 feet above the ground. Hovering briefly, it dropped debris – stones, weeds, cow dung – from underneath it, then flew away, disappearing in the east.

A ring of black flattened grass 30 feet in diameter marked the place where the disc had landed. When he examined it in the daylight, the witness discovered that all the yellow flowers within the circle had been removed.

Only green grass remained. But one a more bizarre note, the water tank was empty, with no evidence of spillage. Only the muddy residue at the bottom of the tank was left-and it had been pulled into a two foot high cone shape. The witness was sick with headaches and nausea for more than a week afterward.

A similar ring was found the following December at Bundalaguah, not far from Rosedale. The water in a nearby reservoir was also mysteriously missing.


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