Foo Fighters. UFO

Most UFO researchers are familiar with the Foo Fighter mystery, which involved strange balls of light and small, metallic objects seen by both Allied and Axis pilots during the Second World War. File AIR 14/2800 at the Public Record Office contains one of the few surviving official British reports of these objects, detailing how aircrew from Bomber Command’s 115 Squadron saw some of these strange objects on bombing raids in December 1943.What is more pertinent to this story is the way in which the Foo Fighter sightings were viewed by the British Government. Perhaps the best indication comes from Professor R. V. Jones, one of the key wartime scientific intelligence experts and someone who is one of the key figures in this story, even though his involvement with the UFO issue is not widely known. Writing in chapter 52 of his book Most Secret War, he says:

“We had already seen scares arise during the war by the imaginations of men under strain interpreting fearfully observations which had a natural explanation. KGr 100 pilots had seen red lights over England. We had to deal with reports of Fifth Columnists letting off rockets; and our bomber crews had reported single-engine nightfighters with yellow lights in their noses over Germany at times when we knew that no single-engine nightfighters were flying.”

Foo Fighter sightings, so it seems, were dismissed out of hand by officialdom. Or were they?

written by Nick Pope


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