UPDATE – More UFO Sightings in Orange Lights ‘Mystery’

By Gemma Gadd

Tuesday 3pm – MORE sightings of orange light ‘UFOs’ over Louth have been witnessed recently – leading some to suggest the mystery is far from solved.

As the Leader reported last week, Legbourne residents Jeff and Eve Sardeson spotted three orange orbs moving silently across the sky from their garden on August 24.

Now others have come forward to say they saw similar lights last Saturday, September 6.

One witness, David Winfarrah from Louth, said the encounter left him shook up: “I was walking near the old malt kiln at around 9.30pm and saw an orange light hovering and moving around in an erratic way before disappearing. I didn’t know what it was and it really shook me up so I turned back for home shaking.”

David Howard from Louth said he also saw orange lights on Saturday night: “I was outside my house with a neighbour looking towards Grimsby and saw three of the lights moving across the sky in the same pattern.”

On reader suggestions they could have been sky lanterns, Mr Howard added: “There wasn’t much breeze that night, and if they were sky lanterns I would have expected some flickering or variation in their flight pattern, but there wasn’t.”

However, as previously reported, some readers who claim the truth is out there have contacted the Leader with their theories.

Ellie Butler from South Ormsby claimed to have seen one of the orbs up close, as she explained: “The orange lights had me confused too as I was at Cadwell recently and spotted one.

“However the next night I witnessed the truth – they were indeed sky lanterns. One set off from a tent near ours and headed off towards Louth with a beautiful orange glow.”

She added: “So I am afraid the UFO is now an identified flying object.”

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Last Updated: 09 September 2008 3:13 PM

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