Cone-Shaped UFO Hovered above Marshes in UK

After a reader spotted a fast-moving light which appeared to stop then turn abruptly in the night sky above Heathfield, Sheila Dukes who lives in flats behind Waitrose, Hailsham, reports two separate sightings of a strange, cone-shaped object.

She told the Express: I first saw it last Saturday night, the same night the other reader saw it.

‘I got my binoculars out. It was more like a diamond or a cone shape with a point at the lower end. It shaded through from red, white and then down to a brilliant blue.

Then I saw it again this Saturday. It was hovering above the marshes and moving very slowly.’

‘I just assumed it was a satellite or something but it was very large, bigger than you’d expect a satellite to be.’

If anyone has any further sightings please email:

Sussex Express Series, Location: Lewes

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