Did You See UFO over Hatfield?

The mysterious glow caught the eye of Gary Dinneen and his daughter as they were driving past the University of Hertfordshire, in Hatfield, heading for the A1(M) last Sunday, June 29.

Gary said: «My daughter asked what that strange light was over the A1.

«I thought it was a light rigged up by contractors working on the access road to the A1 which they had closed off.

«We were diverted towards the Galleria where we stopped to watch this light, which had the same colour as a street lamp except it was moving slow and steady.»

He added: «I thought it may have been a firework or aircraft, but it was not like anything I have ever seen before.

«It then continued heading north into the distance until it became just a glimmer.

«The light emitting from it was hazy, like looking through a window. However, I had the window wound down to make sure.

«I would be interested to know if anyone else saw what we did.»

Nationwide, dozens of mysterious objects have been seen this summer, with The Sun newspaper covering 25 separate sightings in Monday’s edition.

And Hatfield was once again in the limelight, where a large bright white light and a big yellow light were seen at 10pm on June 1.

Have you seen any UFOs in Times Territory or did you see either of the lights reported above?

Contact reporter Simon Wesson on 01708 384185 with your sightings.

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