Why Eating Apples Is Healthy – Secrets Behind The ‘Miracle Fruit’

Eating fruits is never wrong, unless you are allergic to something,  and there are several healthy benefits of consuming for example apples.

According to scientific studies, apples are good for your brain and body. So, it’s no wonder the Welsh proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is still valid today. Many researchers simple say this is a “miracle fruit”.

Apples are extremely rich in important antioxidants, flavanoids, and dietary fiber. This is one of the reasons why they can help reduce the risk of developing cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease.

One middle-sized apple is estimated to contain up to 10 milligrams of quercetin. Researchers from Cornell University report this has protective effect on our brain cells. By drinking apple juices, people can also lower the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and prevent dementia.

“Since these fruits rank high in terms of soluble fiber content, they can help in maintaining lower cholesterol levels. In addition, they contain healthy flavonoids which can help in lowering blood pressure as well as the risk of stroke,” Medical Daily reports.

Why Eating Apples Is Healthy – Secrets Behind The ‘Miracle Fruit’

If you suffer from over-weight, it can also be a good idea to regularly eat apples.

Researchers from Washington State University have discovered that apples could help fight against obesity.

“We know that, in general, apples are a good source of these nondigestible compounds but there are differences in varieties,” said food scientist Giuliana Noratto who led the study.

Apples can scientifically lower levels of bad cholesterol. Scientists discovered that older women who ate apples everyday had 23% less bad cholesterol (LDL) and 4% more good cholesterol (HDL) after just six months.

Also, before you rush and buy some expensive teeth whitening toothpaste, try to start eating apples and you will notice a big difference quickly.

According to Medical Daily, “alkaline foods can help promote acidic balance, and apples just happen to be a great alkaline fruit. Eating apples can increase the production of saliva in the mouth, eliminating bacteria and food particles. This can help in reducing the risk of bad breath.”

Given their healthy fiber content, apples also promote better oral health by removing plaque and acting as “a natural exfoliate to take stains off the teeth,” according to Dr. Jonathan Levine, a practicing dentist based in New York City.

Another wonderful thing about apples is that they can strengthen our bones.

It’s important to note that there are so serious side effects are linked to apple consumption.

However, apple seeds contain cyanide, a powerful poison. Eating too many apple seeds can potentially be fatal. Apple seeds should not be consumed.

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