Space-Time Warp May Exist Near Las Vegas – Could This Explain Why Time Slows Down In The Area?

What would you do if you discovered something incredible, almost beyond compression? Most likely you would tell your friends and media about it. But what do you do when no-one believes because your discovery sounds like science fiction? If you are persistent and eager to show your finding is real, then you must come up with proof.

This is what happened to man who says there is a space-time warp near Las Vegas. “It’s an exciting discovery but where is the proof?”, everyone asks.

Space-Time Warp May Exists Near Las Vegas – Could This Explain Why Time Slows Down In The Area?

According to Joshua Warren, a rather well-known paranormal investigator time slows down 20 microseconds on the outskirts of Las Vegas between I-15 and Route 93.

Warren thinks a space-time warp may be responsible for this discrepancy. In science fiction we encounter space-time warps frequently. They are used to for rapid journeys around the galaxy, or time travel. But what is the situation in the real world?

Some years ago, NASA’s Gravity Probe B confirmed two key predictions of Einstein’s general theory of relativity theories according to which gravity causes masses to warp space-time around them.  The probe delivered results showing we live in a space-time warp.

“Imagine the earth as if it were immersed in honey. As the planet rotates, the honey around it would swirl, and it’s the same with space and time. GP-B confirmed two of the most profound predictions of Einstein’s universe, having far-reaching implications across astrophysics research, “Stanford University physicist Francis Everitt, Gravity Probe B’s principal investigator, said in a statement.

According to Newsweek, Warren who measured how time moves across Nevada thinks he reason why times slows down is because unknown technology” nearby disrupted the laws of physics.

“I think there may be a space-time warp on the edges of the city, but there has been so much man-made tech nearby that it’s taken a while to realize what’s naturally happening in the surrounding hills and mountains,” Warren said.

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He thinks it’s possible there may be a gateway to another parallel world there. ““Is this something natural that gives us a window, a gateway into another world or another level of reality? Or is this the byproduct of some kind of weird technology, be it something secret and man-made or something that’s extraterrestrial?” he asked.

Parallel universe

Some years ago many would have dismissed Warren’s claim as nonsense, but scientists now today time warps to not only exist in the realm of science fiction.

The many worlds theory has also become popular among physicists who say that we still lack solid proof or invisible worlds, but it’s possible they do exist next to our own reality. Readers of may recall we mentioned 8 clues that suggest parallel universes do exist.

If there really is a space-time warp near Las Vegas, as Warren says, we can only hope scientists will be able to confirm its existence.

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