Secret Ancient Knowledge Of The Druids And The Mystery Of The Missing Library Of Iona

The mysterious priesthood known as the Druids shared a number of ancient secrets. The Druids can be traced back to a distant past in Celtic history.

They were intelligent and remarkable individuals in a number of ways. Unfortunately, the information we posses about the Druids, is limited.

The history of the Celts is indeed often puzzling, and we may never know the whole truth about these peoples’ origins.

Ancient Druids believed in reincarnation, immortality of the soul and worshipped the serpent and the Sun. They were skilled astronomers and knew the secrets of the universe. The Druids were magicians and according to many ancient sources, they were keepers of the secret knowledge of the gods.

The Druids were undoubtedly a group of most remarkable individuals.

A controversial theory suggests that ancient Druidic manuscripts might be stored in a secret library, that is unknown to the outside world. According to this theory, the missing library of the Druids could be located somewhere on the Island of Iona, a small island off the west of Scotland.

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