Spectacular 5,000-Year-Old Stone Map Discovered In Denmark Sheds New Light On Ancient Farming

– Reports of existing archaeological discoveries are pouring in from Denmark. Recently, we reported about an intriguing ancient artifact depicting the Norse God Odin with “horns” was unearthed near Messinge, Denmark.

Now, archaeologists have found a spectacular, 5,000-year-old stone map on Bornholm.

The stone is filled with lines that look like rays, but it is not a star map. It is something else.

The find was made during archaeological excavation work at Neolithic shrine Vasagård where scientists have previously unearthed similar ancient stones inscribed with rectangular patterns filled with different rows of lines and shading.

Flemming Kaul, a senior researcher at the National Museum of Denmark has examined the 5,000-year-old map and he says that the stone does not show the sun and the sun’s rays, but displays the topographic details of a piece of nature on the island as it appeared between the years 2700 and 2900 BC.

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MessageToEagle.com has previously reported scientists in Denmark are currently discussing an intriguing new theory based remarkable evidence suggesting Neolithic farming communities in Western Europe shared a common calendar about 6,000 years ago.

This thousand year old calendar was based on ancient Moon religion and passage graves and spread throughout Europe.In ancient times there was, just like it is today a need to map roads, skies and lands. It is therefore highly possible our ancestors also develop faming maps that we today find engraved on ancient stones.

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