Unearthed 2,300-Year-Old Sword Is Still Looking Sharp And Shimmering

Chinese archaeologists have unearthed a sword believed to be more than 2,300 years old. The amazing discovery was made in an ancient tomb in Xinyang city, central China’s Henan Province.

The sword is thought to come from the time of the Warring States, which was a period of 250 years between 475 BC and 221BC which saw numerous wars fought between the eight states of the Zhou Dynasty.

It is amazing that the millennia-old weapon looks sharp and is still shimmering as an archaeologist pulls it from its very old sheath. Based on ancient historical records on the casting of wares, there were used different proportions of three metals – lead, tin and copper – to make the alloy Bronze.

This very successful mixing could make weapons of varying temper and rigidity.

The Warring States Period lasted 250 years between 475 and 221 BC. It was time when the region of the Zhou Dynasty (1045–221 BC) was divided between 8 states. These states had frequent and brutal wars; Some kings were fighting to survive or retain power, and some wanted more power and territory.

The Qin rulers generally wanted to conquer all the others and finally, they did it in 221 BC.

The Qin rulers conquered all the other states and some surrounding regions. However, their dynastic rule from 221-206 BC was the shortest in the region’s history. Their empire fell apart after only 15 years.

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