On This Day In History: World’s First Electric Watch Announced -On Jan 3, 1957

the world’s first electric watch was introduced in Lancaster, PA by the Hamilton Watch Company.

Research already began in 1946, but it took more than ten years to develop a workable watch.

On this day, Hamilton Company informed about its great technological achievemen during a press conference.

The idea of a watch was very exciting to 1950’s consumers, who were captivated by progress and modernity.

The Hamilton Electric’s popularity increased immediately; at the same time, it was enhanced by a number of very dramatic case styles with non-traditional asymmetrical styling; they were visual reminders of the ultra-modern movements inside the case. By 1969, when production ended, more advanced technology had already rendered the Hamilton Electric obsolete.

Today these watches are avidly sought by collectors, who appreciate the unique character of this pioneering invention. It is the grandfather of all battery-powered watches produced today, an important milestone in the history of watchmaking.

The complete story of the Hamilton Electric can be found in Rene Rondeau’s book “The Watch of the Future“.

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