The attitude of «Tall white» aliens to the origin of mankind

The author is known by the nickname Tom M., has put forward an interesting hypothesis about the origin of mankind, based on his observations and eyewitnesses who met with the aliens very similar to humans, especially of Nordic type.

Quote from article: «…Nordic aliens are more advanced and ancient civilization than we, from this we can assume that they are directly related to our appearance on Earth. They also abduct people for medical examinations, take samples of soil and plants to control the ecology, and their ships often appear in the disaster zone. They’re watching his creation. Besides, if you think about it, the evolution of humanity is evolving so dramatically in contrast to animals, this is abnormally…»

The author writes that this intelligent races took all the people on Earth, and white and black. The earth people were created artificially, were designed using the genes of the aliens. He mentions in his article about the CRO-magnons appeared suddenly tens of thousands of years ago in Western Europe. They had greater brain volume, improved physique than their predecessors. Very strange that intermediate types of human development there, it has evolved leaps and bounds.
All of these human species existed before the «great cataclysm», which was erased from the face of the earth. After it was brought to Earth over committing people settled on the continent… I wonder why we don’t pay attention to these obvious things.


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