1,000-Year-Old Tomb Of Famous Viking Warrior, Ulv Galiciefarer May Have Been Unearthed

— A large tomb of the famous Viking chief, Ulv Galiciefarer, may have been discovered in northern Jutland, Denmark.

For now, it is perhaps too soon to say whether this theory is correct or not, but according to an archaeologist, Bjarne Henning Nielsen of the Vesthimmerlands Museum, there is a distinct possibility, the tomb is related to Ulv Galiciefarer.

This old Viking warrior was the great-grandfather of Valdemar the Great, who was king of Denmark from 1157-1182.

Galiciefarer, who became famous for raiding, looting and pillaging in Galicia in northern Spain in the early 11th century, has been referred to in written historic sources as an “earl of Denmark”.

This particular reference leads Nielsen to believe the tomb he has been exploring since 2009, could be that of the ‘Wolf’.

An earl was an important official who, in the king’s absence, controlled a region or even an entire country. Such a person would probably have earned a princely funeral.

The large tomb is surrounded by a dark ‘square’ in the ground – possibly the remains of a building that covered the burial site, a practice especially reserved for noble tombs.

Moreover, a sword found with the knight buried in the tomb, revealed that he lived and died during the first half of the 1000s.

The region where the tomb was found is thought to have belonged to Valdemar the Great, king of Denmark from 1157 to 1182, whose great-grandfather is known to have been Ulv Galiciefarer, informed The Copenhagen Post.

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