Did A Massive Earthquake Shrink Mount Everest And Shift The Earth Beneath Kathmandu?

– Is something wrong or is it just false alarm? According to recent reports Mount Everest, also called “Chomolungma” by Tibetans and Sherpas, which means “Mother Goddess of the Earth might be shrinking as a result of a massive earthquake in that knocked an inch off the world’s tallest peak.

The quake has been blamed for shifting the Earth beneath the capital Kathmandu in Nepal a few meters to the south.

Scientists will now send an expedition team to re-measure the height of Mount Everest.

In April 2015, a massive, 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, killing nearly 9,000 and injuring another 22,000. The quake is also considered the deadliest disaster in Nepal since 1934.

Last time the world’s tallest peak was measured was in 1955. Mount Everest was then 29,029 feet. Engineers with the Survey of India will now re-measure the mountain using two methods — GPS and a ground system known as triangulation.

Triangulation involves measuring the distance between two points on the ground and measuring the angles between the top of the mountain and each point.

“We don’t know what happened, there’s been no confirmed report,” said Surveyor General of India Swarna Subba Rao. “Some scientists do believe it has shrunk. But there’s a school of thought it may have grown.”

The expedition is expected to take a month and another two weeks to calculate the data.

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