Mysterious Dover Lights Of Arkansas Have Puzzled Observers For More Than A Century

– For years, mysterious lights of Dover have fascinated enthusiasts interested in unusual and unexplained phenomena.

People systematically come each night to a remote area located only ten miles north of Dover and not far from Russellville, Arkansas, hoping to see this light phenomenon.

If they are lucky, they can observe the so-called Dover Lights in a variety of colors, such as orange, yellow, red or blue or simply white. Sometimes, the lights are flickering but it also happens they look like lanterns or flashlights and their brightness can lit up the entire valley in the Ozark Mountains.

The lights have been observed since the late 1800s, and many legends are associated with them. The Dover Lights are a phenomenon that even to this day remains a mystery.

One popular legend tells a story about a coal mine, which collapsed one day, trapping and killing many miners. In this case, the lights symbolize lanterns, which belonged to miners who desperately tried to find their way back to their homes.

Another one explains the lights as the spirits of ancient Native American warriors and tribal leaders and yet another tells the story of an elderly and poor couple that had not money to pay for doctor’s help. Instead, the doctor was offered a bag of homemade bullets in payment.

Years later after the old couple had both passed away, the doctor was cleaning up his office and accidentally found the long-forgotten bag of bullets. He realized the bullets were not made of lead but of pure silver and decided to give up his practice and devote his remaining years to a search for that lost silver mine.

The light that occasionally appears, hovering over the valley, is believed to be his lantern that he needs to continue his search from beyond the grave.

The Dover Lights phenomenon has never been solved despite that it has appeared in thick forest of the area since the 1800s.

Some believe the Dover Lights are nothing but a hoax and perhaps they are right. Others suggest the phenomenon is the refraction of lights from distant points. However, many eyewitnesses to the Dover Lights definitely disagree because the area where lights appear is hardly accessible and the lights have been appearing for many years.

Moreover, they cannot be electric lights because there has never been electricity in the area of observations.

The lights may also be of supernatural origin but in that case, it is doubtful that their mysterious origin will be solved.

As we know, ‘supernatural’ is something associated with forces we don’t understand and science cannot explain them either.

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