Artifacts and Archaeological proof of the Ancient Global Civilization

So, with this being one of my favorite topics to date, I thought I would round up some of the latest archological and ancient civilization discoveries for 2010 / 2011. I know some have already been posted before, but some new information mayt have been added since. As always some of the items below come from non main stream sources, so read with an open mind.

As days go by, we are slowly discovering, or should I say accepting, the fact that our history is not 100% concrete. Recent discoveries of buildings dating back to 10,000+ BC has challenged main stream science and their thought process, and slowly but surely we are taking a second look, or closer, look at some of these sites.

Every time we find an answer about our past, we seem to stumble upon more and more questions. We seem to be a species with amnesia, and that is supported by the number of civilizations that we have recently discovered as well as the number of cities being found underneath the worlds oceans.Their is evidence present of a global civilization going back into antiquity, from the Pyramids to celestial alignment to recent discoveries of ancient civilization interaction.

For the most part I have stuck to archeological finds that are currently undergoing exploration. I’ve thrown in a few oddballs here and there to keep this intresting so people can get through the wall of text. Some of the items have been posted before and are presented here with some information updates. At the bottom of the post are some sources that I used to pull the info here. Feel free to puruse those lists as they contain a lot more information.


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