Are UFOs Involved In Mysterious Aircraft Disappearances?

Around 12 years ago, a story on the strange disappearance of a small aircraft over the Bahamas made rounds in the mainstream media. Rumors at that time suggested that space aliens destroyed the plane as many reported having seen a blue light hovering near the aircraft shortly before it disappeared. Press reported the same object that was seen flying at tremendous speed above Washington DC. Two USAF F-15 fighters were sent to a flashing blue light UFO, but one witness said the mysterious aerial object left the two planes like a dust. Fortunately, no plane or pilot went missing that time, but others haven’t been so lucky.
A number of passenger planes mysteriously vanished without a trace over South America in the early 1970s. Again, the alleged suspects of these mysterious disappearances were UFOs. However, investigators proposed another explanation. International drug cartels consider private aircraft as very valuable tool. Some officials also thought that the unfortunate planes had been hijacked for trafficking purposes.
Meanwhile, some official sources believed that the crews and passengers had been forced into work harvesting marijuana in remote areas contained by drug cartels. There have been revelations that many passengers on the flights had connections in trafficking business.
However, this can’t explain all disappearances.
Many aircraft, including military ones, have literally vanished in an instant while flying across the sky. One notable incident involved a fighter jet of Chilean Air Force wherein witnesses on the ground reported that it was observed circling a stationary UFO hovering in the sky. Then suddenly the Chilean fighter jet was dragged to the center of the UFO by some kind of an invisible force. After few seconds, the plane disappeared followed by the UFO itself seconds later. The UFO, the jet, and the pilot have never been seen again.
Some who don’t believe that UFOs were involved in aircraft disappearances otherwise believe that they may involve other types of paranormal events, which are equally as mysterious.
Many aircraft reportedly disappeared in a flash of light as if they were brought into another dimension. Some researchers believe that this what exactly had occurred.
Sci-fi enthusiasts may still remember a particular scene of Close Encounters of the Third Kind wherein aircraft that had vanished without a trace for many decades were returned to earth by their extraterrestrial abductors.
These suggestions may seem far-fetched, but it could be unwise to dismiss any explanation automatically even if it is fanciful.


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