UFO Hotspots Around the World

A lot of people saw UFOs on the big screen, but you don’t have to settle for just seeing the mysterious aerial objects or lights at the local cinemas. If you are at the right time and on the right place, you can witness the biggest event of your life. Here are the places that are considered as UFO hotspots around the world.
10. Sochi, Russia – Sochi was not only known for the 2014 Winter Olympics but also for UFO sightings long before the big event. The Black Sea coast is considered a UFO hotspot in Sochi where locals report strange events involving flying saucers and luminous objects.
9. Broad Haven, Wales, UK – In the ‘70s, Broad Haven Triangle started to become famous. Named after the Bermuda Triangle, the controversial story of this place revolves around the 14 children from Broadhaven Primary School who reportedly spotted a UFO in the field next to their school. The children also reported a 7-foot entity coming out from the craft, wearing a silver suit. The children ran towards their head teacher and report what they just witnessed. They were told by him to draw what they had seen. Interestingly, all the pictures reveal the same craft, a saucer-shaped thing with a dome on top.
8. Wycliffe Well, Australia – UFO sightings in this area date back to World War II. The Wycliffe Well Holiday Park has gained attention and interest because of its range of UFO paraphernalia, souvenirs and alien structures to get visitors the feel of a UFO spotting adventure.
7. Mexico City, Mexico – Mexico City started to get mysterious during a solar eclipse in 1991 when people started to report about UFO activities. In mid-90s someone released a footage showing a UFO flying over a restricted airspace. Then in 2005, mass UFO sightings were reported in which thousands of people apparently witnessed hundreds of lights and objects travelling across the sky.
6. UFO Trail, Chile – Spectacular views could be seen in the UFO Trail. It is reported that the place has an alien airport and many has reported that spaceships land on El Enladrillado, which can be reached by hiking to an elevation of 2,286 meters.
5. The Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada, USA – This area is near to the controversial and top secret Area 51, where it is believed to house crash spaceships and alien bodies.
4. The Falkirk Triangle, Scotland, UK – This place is widely known for flying discs, floating cubes and cigar-shaped objects. It recorded 300 sightings in just a year. Local residents have been clamoring for proper and comprehensive government investigations on these strange activities.
3. Nazca City, Peru- This place is known for ancient geoglyphs and their amazing design can be seen entirely from 1,500 feet above. Since ancient Nazca people don’t have the equipment to fly, the designs are mysterious. Many believe that they were designed as spacecraft landing strips.
2. Warminster, Wiltshire, UK- Early in 1960s, there were reports about a UFO leaving a trail of sparks and it was witnessed by four people in Warminster. This was followed by a claim of someone who apparently saw a UFO from the window when she woke up by peculiar sounds. Adding intrigue is the ancient and mysterious Stonehenge, located near the area.
1. California, USA – This is the top among all states when it comes to UFO sightings. UFOs are commonly reported from San Diego to San Francisco.


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