UFO Seen In Fifteenth-Century Painting From The Birthplace Of Dracula

Recently discovered painting from Sighisoara, Romania shows what appears to be a UFO hovering above the building that might be related to the real-life Dracula. The painting is located on the 700-year-old monastery’s wall and was photographed by tourist Catalina Borta this summer. Borta sent the photograph to a UFO research group for further evaluation.
The painting shows an apparent church, perhaps the same building where the painting was seen, somewhat engulfed in flames. A large, hovering disc can be seen over the church with a column of smoke from or to the sky.
Sighisoara is believed to be the place where Vlad Tepes was born in 1431, not long after the monastery was constructed where the painting appears. Tepes is also known as the notorious Vlad the Impaler, or commonly known as Vlad III Dracula.
Vlad III Dracula means Vlad III, Son of the Dragon. Impaler was imposed to his name after his death sometime around 1477, which means a bloodthirsty practice involving spiking the bodies of enemies on sharp poles and leaving them for the public to see as a show of power.
Irish author Bram Stoker inspired the character of Dracula to the story of Vlad III Dracula in the 1987 novel Dracula. In this novel, the now-legendary fictional character first made an appearance.
The question now is that why would the painting depict of what is commonly known today as saucer-shaped UFO? Does Dracula have something to do with this? The painting was created in his hometown and may have been made in the real Dracula’s lifetime.
Hannan Sabat and Gilli Schechter of Extraterrestrials and UFO Research Association in Israel said that the hovering disc being featured in the painting in the Church of the Dominican Monastery, located in Sighisoara, is very similar to other UFO-like objects in other medieval times artworks, including an illustration in the book Prodigiorum Liber and discs on 17th century French coins.

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