MUFON Releases National UFO Alert Rating For October 2014

Mutual UFO Network released statistics on a number of UFO reports by areas in US on November 1, 2014. UFO reports from West Virginia, Maine, Delaware and Colorado are spiking in October.
These four states are rated as a UFO Alert 1 in the National UFO Alert Rating System. UFO Alert 1, represents at least 4.01 reports per million residents on the month of October 2014. West Virginia, Maine, Delaware, and Colorado got 4.85, 4.51, 4.36, and 4.24 respectively.
These four leading states are followed by Utah, Vermont and New Hampshire, showing between 3.03 and 4.0 reports per million residents. The next highest reporting states are listed as a UFO Alert 2 with Utah got 3.85; Vermont 3.19; and New Hampshire 3.03.
Alert 3 rating is earned by Oregon and Oklahoma with reports per million residents between 2.51 and 3.0.
UFO Alert 4 rating belongs to Kansas, South Carolina and Nebraska with reports per million residents between 2.01 and 2.5. UFO Alert 5 is earned by all other states with 2.0 sightings or lower per million residents.
The most reported UFO shapes in October are the following:

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