Report UFO sighting #179

Hedgesville, WV – 11/12/2014 Started at the top of the mountain n moved up about 50ft n disappear
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Crossing Neches River @ 1830 hrs. headed east on IH-10 in Beaumont, Tx – November 10, 2014 Let me start this by saying that I am an USAF Veteran with a background in technical maintenance on B-52H & KC-135 aircraft and currently employed as an Operations Manager / Faciltiy Security Officer for a crude marine terminal. I had pulled out of the terminal headed home for the day around 1800 hours following my usual short cut going through downtown Beaumont. As I was entering the on ramp to IH-10 Eastbound at the base of the Purple Heart Memorial Bridge that crosses the Neches River I happened to glance off to the North and saw what would be best described as a red LED light bar with some white lights in it also in a near perfect vertical orientation. Due to traffic I was not able to safely capture a photo or video so I did my best to not lose sight of it till I could write it off as an aircraft in an awkward position. The longer I observed it the more the realization sat in that it wasn’t your typical aircraft. It seemed to kind of drift to the South then torwards the East. Once I crossed the bridge and had several miles of straight run on a 3 lane highway I determined that there really was several red lights in a line with some white lights spaced in it. After about a mile I could see that this thing was travelling at a higher speed than I have ever witnessed an aircraft travel, I’ve seen fighter jets flyover wide open not covering this kind of distance at that altitude. The sky was somewhat patchy but the lights were sharp and bright for the short time I was able to see it. By the time I had traveled close to 3 miles it was nowhere to be seen having disappeared off to the East. After being home for a couple of hours I decided to tell my wife what I had seen and got the response I knew I would since I am an avid follower of UFO sightings, documentaries, etc. So I figured I would draw a picture of what I saw and received almost the same response so I went to this web site to find a similar photo. I was pleased to find a photo of what I saw from your posting of the “HAMPTON BAYS UFO – CIGAR SHAPED RED & WHITE LIGHTS NEAR an AIR BASE in NEW YORK” that occurred on July 2, 2010. The only differences between my sighting and the one in New York is mine seemed a little closer and wasn’t leaned to the right of the vertical axis. Let me thank you for the information you do post and cannot wait to see HANGAR 10! That occurred at the same time I was serving at Carswell AFB, where we had one hangar on base that was highly restriced and off limits to all personnel. It is said that it contained some items from Roswell and that when they sealed the hangar all doors were welded shut inside and out with the exception being the one they exited. It was also contained in the highest fenceline on the base.
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Television – 11.10.2014.1430 CST. Just finished watching TV’s Unexplained Files, NASA specific, and noticed one of the three pictures of red lights photographed during the Gemini 2/3 mission, the one with the unusual form/shape, looks almost exactly like the shiny object following the STS fuel tank during the STS 115 (?) mission. It’s odd so many educated scientists (?) attempt to explain away sightings by, say, Storey Musgrave (noted STS astronaut) as nothing more than reflections, distortions, etc. And yet these same folks proclaim our astronauts are the best available, but then contend, we’re not gonna believe a stinkin’ UFO word they utter. Imagine that, we like ya, we’re gonna spend a ton of money/resources training you, but we don’t believe you. Hm-m-m . . .
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Missouri – July 2014I took this picture back in july . heard it was ball lightning. was wondering if I could get some feedback or some other opinions on it
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Naval Air Station Lemoore, CA – 1996Duration 5 minutes. Obect stationary for duration. Silent. Altitude approx 200 feet. Visual quadrant in North/Northwest secrot. Aircrew taxied up to object at towers request to attempt a visual identification. No apparent effects to nearby aircraft and airport facilities observed.


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